• Senior class in small dojo

    Senior classes

    Open to men and women aged 15yrs and over.

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  • Rick Faye seminar October 2016

    Rick Faye seminar

    Gary Stringer, Rick Faye, Kevin Stringer and Mark Cooper at the seminar held at MCSDA on 21st October 2016

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  • Junior class at MCSDA

    Junior classes ages 5 - 9 yrs old

    Open to boys and girls aged between 5 yrs and 9 yrs old.

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  • Open mat night

    Looking for extra practice time? Open to all Adult MCSDA Members - Monday nights are 'open mat night' from 18:30 until 20:30 Come on down and enhance your skills or even learn something new!

Junior Classes

We have an age specific Junior Syllabus which helps develop flexibility, strength, balance, spatial awareness, confidence, team work skills and fun!

Our Junior Syllabus acts as a foundation for further progression as your child grows. Once a student reaches his or her 11th Birthday they are transferred to the Cadets class continuing their martial arts journey and personal development.

Cadet Classes

If your child is aged between 11 and 15 yrs old they will be old enough to join our Cadets class, learning the Stringer JUKADO Cadet Syllabus. Techniques taught at this stage of progression are more technically and physically demanding of the student as befits their age range and abilities  whilst also teaching effective self defence methods applicable to and usable by young people.

Senior Classes

The complete Stringer JUKADO System is taught in these classes by experienced high level MCSDA Instructors. This class is open to anyone aged 16 yrs or over.
Beginners are always welcome as are people with previous martial arts experience, all we ask is that you approach training with an open mind.

Advanced Self Protection

Open to females only aged 14 yrs and over. The Advanced Self Protection class at MCSDA has been specifically designed to teach effective self-defence methods against attacks most commonly experienced by females. Come and learn effective methods of self defence in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, taught by experienced instructors with real-life experience of dealing with violence.

Other Classes

Here is a list of other Martial Arts and related activities that take place at MCSDA

  • MCSDA Fear Fighter Self Defence Course
  • MCSDA Wrestling
  • Cobra-Fit
  • Ki-Aikido
  • Wado-Ryu Karate
  • Jun Fan / JKD Study Group

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MCSDA Facilities

Two fully matted areas and one sprung wooden floor training room as well as a fully equipped learning centre.

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