“Teaching self esteem through self defence”

Building focus, discipline, awareness, confidence, strength, fitness, courage, direction, drive, self-control and passion in our students by empowering them with life skills through the practice of martial arts.

The Modern Combatives and Self Defence Association was founded in 1987 by Gary Stringer. The idea was, at that time, to bring together a number of like minded Instructors from various disciplines from around the UK to explore self defence oriented martial arts. It was a way of formalising our practice and at the same time trying to expand our knowledge base and experience. Prior to that, Gary had successfully a run a number of clubs in the Derby area under a different banner. The Modern Combatives and Self Defence Association split into two separate but linked organisations, the Modern Combatives and Self Defence  Academy in 2014 when we acquired the premises from which we now operate. The Modern Combatives and Self Defence Association remains as an umbrella for those people who wished to train in their own systems but still wished to be associated with MCSDA

Stringer Jukado and MCSDA classes

In 1988 we formally adopted our current syllabus and officially formed our new system. STRINGER JUKADO. Our system has since been recognised by many different martial arts bodies and organisations, both nationally and internationally.

Concerned only with the propagation of effective methods of self defence we have no interest in competition. We have no problem with any martial artist who chooses to enter competitions or those who study primarily for the cultural or historical aspects of their chosen arts, we believe there is room for everyone in the world of martial arts and that no one style, system or instructor  ‘has it all’.

All Instructors teaching at MCSDA hold enhanced DBS checks, full Public Liability Insurance and are First Aid trained to ensure we always provide a safe, enjoyable learning experience for you or your child.

The aim of MCSDA is to provide self-defence and martial arts classes to members of the public at minimal cost so enabling as many people as possible to experience the benefits of training within the martial arts and gaining essential, transferable life skills that enhance anyone’s life and well-being. We have been teaching in Derby for over 35 years and our Instructor Team is highly experienced. Why not come and join us? Your first lesson is free and we would like to see you on the mat.

MCSDA Ltd was entered on the Register of Charities on 8th December 2015. Reg. No. 1164748

Other systems and classes

MCSDA also promotes other Martial Arts and related activities by hiring out our facilities to community based martial arts groups. See the Other Classes section for details of what other activities are on offer at MCSDA.

Private and Small Group Tuition

Private and small group tuition is available on request, normally a pair of students or a small group of up to six. Rates vary according to the group size. All paired private sessions are one hour in duration, all small group sessions are ninety minutes in duration. Private sessions can be used to augment regular class training if you have missed a few sessions due to other commitments or you may choose to explore something new! The choice is yours. If you are interested please contact Gary Stringer at information@mcsda.co.uk .Please note: Private tuition is only available to members of MCSDA in order to train you will be required to join MCSDA and take out appropriate training insurance.