The Cadet Syllabus takes students from 11 yrs old to 15 yrs.

This syllabus takes the skills acquired from the preceding Junior Syllabus and builds upon them and introduces the student to parts of the full Stringer Ryu JUKADO syllabus, in keeping with our belief that it is morally and ethically wrong to teach children potentially lethal techniques. The Cadet Syllabus acts as a transition from the very basic Junior Syllabus to the more advanced Senior Syllabus. The three linked syllabuses provide a long term study path leading from childhood to adulthood; in fact, some of our Instructors started their journey with us as children and now, as adults, teach others, passing on their expertise.


Cadet Classes run for one hour. We ask that you arrive a little early to give yourself time to change into your Gi, by doing so, you help ensure that your class commences on time.

As in every class, the session begins and ends with the Students and Instructors bowing to each other to show mutual respect. Following this salutation, there will be a series of exercises intended to prepare the body for activity and to help prevent injury due to pulled muscles etc. The class is then led through various drills designed to build physical attributes such as balance, speed and power, often utilising strike shields and other equipment. After this the class is split into smaller ‘Grade Groups’ where students of similar level are taught and practice the techniques they need to progress. Finally the class may be led in revision of some earlier syllabus techniques to ensure skill levels and knowledge is maintained.

Cadet Syllabus

Cadet Syllabus Revision Nov 2017(PDF)

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