Other classes and activities at MCSDA

At MCSDA we offer a range of Martial Arts and related activities. Our aim is to offer classes at reasonable cost or in some cases free, in order to make activities accessible to as many people as possible. 

MCSDA Fear fighter

The Fear Fighter programme is a six week self defence and personal safety training program for young girls and women of all ages. Classes are run periodically as and when there is sufficient demand. There is also the Fear Fighter one-day workshop which covers the major points of the six week course content. Both of these courses are offered at as low a cost as possible or even free. Contact MCSDA to enquire when the next one day workshop or six week course may be commencing or if you have a few interested friends why not organise them and have your own workshop or course?  

MCSDA Wrestling

Wrestling is a sport as old as mankind itself. Since the dawn of time men have been pitted against each other in physical hand-to-hand combat, making this almost certainly the most ancient of Olympic sports.  Wrestling is split into Greco-Roman and Freestyle disciplines. In Freestyle wrestling the competitors have a much greater freedom. They can use not only their arms and bodies, but also their legs and can take a hold of their opponent anywhere that allows them to overpower and gain total control of them. WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, as its name entertainment suggests, bears no resemblance to wrestling as a sport. At M.C.S.D.A. we are lucky to have several B.W.A. registered coaches one of whom is female.

Contact Head Coach Trevor Hoskins on 07961 516722 or visit www.britishwrestling.org for more information. MCSDA Wrestling is a registered BWA Club.


In the Art of Ki Aikido there is no aggression, tension or competition. Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and may be practised equally by men and women of any size, age or ability. The purpose of the practise is to learn to co-ordinate our mind and body, through enjoyable exercise, and this will then enhance the quality of our lives.

Contact Neil Shaw Sensei on 07846 376144 or visit  www.kifederation.org.uk

Adaptive karate

John Johnston 8th Dan instructs a friendly and robust class in Derby at MCSDA Dojo. We have our regulars but we also welcome anyone from any style. The average age of students in our class is 40yrs.

Contact John Johnston Sensei on 07814 613885 or email johnjohnston2@virginmedia.com