At MCSDA we strive to provide a state of the art training facility for our members and groups. We invest profits by purchasing equipment for use by our members to improve their learning experience.                                                                                                  

It is our mission to try and provide high  quality martial arts / self defence instruction to the people of Derby at a reasonable cost so that everyone who wants to train with us can do so. We have strong links with many national and international martial arts organisations enabling us to attract the very best Instructors to teach at MCSDA from around the world and the UK.

MCSDA Olympic wrestling mat
At MCSDA we go all out to provide the best training facilities we can. Here you can see our Olympic standard wrestling mat. We have British Wrestling Association approved and recognised coaches.
SJDK dojo at MCSDA
The SJKD Dojo is fully matted, equipped with various kick / striking pads, a crash mat for those extra heavy throws and even has a padded wall to facilitate realistic self defence training.
Traditional dojo with wooden floor
Located upstairs is our “traditional dojo” with a modern twist as two of the walls are “caged” bringing tradition and innovation together. Up here we have our Iaido and Jodo classes. 
Fancy a workout? Go for a few rounds on the bags and improve your technique.
MCSDA picture wall
The photo wall on the outside of the viewing area facing out onto our full size Olympic standard wrestling mat, shows pictures through the years of MCSDA development, instructors past and present as well as one or two famous faces!  Why not come along and see who you can spot!!