Advanced Self Protection System for Women (A.S.P.)

This program is unique in that it has been designed especially to enable women to study and gain a Black Belt grade within a self defence oriented martial art.

Research shows that men and women are attacked using different attack methodologies and that the motivations for physical assault also differ between the sexes, therefore the A.S.P. system was developed in order to provide a platform for women who wanted to learn self protection to a higher skill level than is provided by the normal type of ‘self defence’ course.


“Self Defence does not begin with the act of striking back; it starts with the concepts of self-respect, self-reliance and autonomy. Self-respect is the feeling that your individual self is worth defending from assault; Self-reliance is the conviction that you are competent to take care of yourself; Autonomy implies that you are able to make decisions for yourself and take responsibility for your own health and well-being.”

Bruce Tegner in the introduction of his book ‘Self Defence and Assault Prevention for Girls and Women’ Published 1977

ASP training is based on commonality and repetition in order to build an effective skill base in each student that enables them to respond instinctively and effectively if attacked. Commonality means that the techniques taught within the syllabus are all similar in design but may vary in function, concepts are taught to reinforce the physical lesson learned. Repetition is the mother of skill, without repetition it is not possible for any movement or set of responses to be sufficiently ingrained into the students mind and body in order for them to become instinctive. ASP training focuses on the physical responses to violence as may be encountered by females, but we also look at mindset, personal safety and security and preventative measures as avoidance is far better than confrontation if at all possible.

  ASP students train in a realistic way. Once techniques are learned, the student tests them in a simulated attack scenario against a fully padded Instructor playing the part of an “attacker.” This training methodology helps to build confidence both in the student and the techniques they are taught. All striking techniques are executed against a strike shield or pad in order for the student to understand the correct body mechanics for generating force as well as having the added benefit of reinforcing the message that they all possess physical power; something that many women never experience.

Many ASP Students say that they are amazed at what they can actually do once they have been shown the correct way of executing a technique. All say that they find the process empowering.  

Come along and take a class! Replace your fears with skills, knowledge, training and confidence.