Stringer Ryu JUKADO

Bruce Tegner 1929 – 1985

STRINGER RYU JU-KA-DO UK was built on the original concept of Bruce Tegner – an American Martial Arts pioneer who developed a Martial Art/ Self Defence System with the intent of demystifying the Martial Arts and in his own words ‘to differentiate between those Martial Arts that are practiced for Self Perfection and those that are practiced for Self Protection.”

Stringer Ryu JUKADO is a multi discipline, modern martial art, drawing on both traditional and open source martial arts to provide an all round, effective method of self defence suitable and applicable to the modern day. Stringer Ryu JUKADO was founded by Soke Gary Stringer in 1980.

Tegners’ innovative approach to the teaching of practical martial arts with an emphasis on effective self defence provided the inspiration for the formation of Stringer Ryu JUKADO.

Stringer Ryu JUKADO remains true to the principles laid down by Tegner in that we teach the martial arts for self protection and not for self perfection.The current Stringer JUKADO syllabus draws from many Martial disciplines, including but not limited to Gung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Aiki-Jitsu, Jun Fan, Karate and Bu Jutsu. Taking from these arts the techniques that work best and incorporating them into an effective self defence oriented martial art.

Stringer Ryu JUKADO is recognised by the World Bu-Jutsu Remnei, World Street Combat Systems Organisation, The Self Defence Federation, All Styles Martial Arts Association, World Martial Arts Association (Republic of China), Ryukyu Gung Fu and Karate Association, The Shin Ga Do Martial Arts Association and the Kodo Butoku Renmei (Old Martial Ways Association) and the Institute of Martial Arts and Science (IMAS)

Gary Stringer Soke teaching JUKADO
Gary Stringer teaching at 3rd TAIKAI International Martial Arts Event in Verona, Italy.