Senior Classes run for sixty minutes. Please ensure you arrive about fifteen minutes prior to your class start time to allow you sufficient time to get changed so that the class can start on time. Late arrivals disrupt classes.

Every Seniors Class begins and ends with Instructors and Students paying their respects to each other by a bow. Each class will contain some of the following elements.

  1. Warm up exercises to prepare the mind and body for the coming activities. (Always included)
  2. Pad Work / Striking Drills to develop hand / eye co-ordination, strength and speed. (Always included)
  3. Technique practice as required for advancement within the Stringer JUKADO system.
  4. Revision of previous syllabus techniques to ensure maintenance of skills, attributes and knowledge.
  5. Applications of techniques in self defence scenarios.
  6. Martial Arts Theory as it applies to Stringer JUKADO.
  7. Alternative applications of syllabus techniques.


Tests for advancement (Gradings) are held three times a year. Dates are always posted for the year in the Academy.

Senior Syllabus

 Stringer JUKADO Senior Syllabus  (PDF)

Click the link above to view and / or download the complete MCSDA Senior Syllabus up to 1st Dan Black Belt. Please note that any content is subject to copyright and is not to be distributed in any way. This download is intended for personal use only. MCSDA can accept no responsibility for any loss or injury that may occur as a consequence of this download. Whilst we make every effort to ensure our site and its contents are free from malware and viruses it is good practice to scan any download with a reputable virus checker program prior to opening.

Seniors class in progress at the wrestling mat.