Rick Faye seminar October 2016

On Friday 21st October 2016, MCSDA was proud to host one of the premier JKD / Kali exponents, Guru Rick Faye, Head Instructor of the esteemed Minnesota Kali Group. Rick is a long time personal friend of MCSDA Chief Instructor, Gary Stringer and was one of the late Larry Hartsells’ students. Rick also trains extensively with the legendary Dan Inosanto, the man to whom Bruce Lee left his JKD legacy.

The seminar covered stick work, single and double sticks, drills involving both and the application of those same techniques utilising empty hands and of course close quarter combat and grappling techniques. The seminar was very well supported with over thirty martial artists taking part, many travelling considerable distances to take advantage of the opportunity to train with such a great martial arts teacher.

We look forward to hosting Guru Faye again in the future.


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